mac-mini-repair-raleighTiger was initially accessible a PowerPC variant, with the Intel edition launched starting at 10.4.4. There is no worldwide model of your client operating-system, although Tiger Server was offered on an universal DVD from version 10.4.7. While Apple sent the PowerPC variation bundled with PowerPC-based Macs and additionally sold it as an independent retail carton, the singular way to find the Intel variant was bundled with the Intel-centered Mac. Yet, it had been possible to buy the ‘restore’ DVDs featuring the Intel variation through unofficial channels including, and officially through Apple in the event that you could supply proof of acquisition of the proper Intel Mac. These grey coloured ‘restore’ DVDs provided with new Macs, are designed to just restore on the version of Mac that they are intended for. The PPC -only DVD can be used on any PPC-based Mac supported by Tiger.

The system necessities of the PowerPC version are:[12]

A PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor operating at 300 MHz or faster
Built-in FireWire
At least three GB of available hard drive space; 4 GB of disk space for instance, Xcode 2 Tools, 2 GB for the minimal install
DVD-ROM drive (CD ROM trade was accessible; offer ended on March 20, 2007)

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Tiger eliminated help for older New World ROM Macs like the original iMacs and iBooks that have been supported in Panther; nonetheless it is possible to set up Tiger on these Apples using third party applications (such as XPostFacto) that over-rides the checks produced on the first day of the setup process. Likewise, machines including beige Power Mac G3s and ‘Wall Street’ PowerBook G3s that were dropped by Panther can also be got to operate both Panther and Tiger within this way. Also, Tiger may be installed on unsupported ” New World ” ROM Macs by installing it on a supported Mac, then swapping hard disk drives. Old World ROM Macs demand using XPostFacto to install Tiger.

Tiger was the last variant of Mac OS X that supported the PowerPC G3 chip.

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