NZXT H440Say goodbye to 5.25-inch drive bays

NZXT’s latest computer case, the H440, is a forward looking enclosure that encourages you to retire your optical media. That’s because it doesn’t come with any 5.25-inch drive bays, so if you want to save data to discs or install games and applications the old school way, you’ll need an external optical drive to get the task done. NZXT made the sacrifice in order to facilitate a cleaner design.

“NZXT has taken a bold step and completely removed the antiquated and often unused 5.25-inch optical bays to make room for a host of chassis improvements and innovations. Looking through the H440’s massive full-view window will reveal an interior specially engineered to make any build seamless and beautiful,” NZXT says.

The H440 sports an integrated power supply shroud that completely conceals cables and offers a ton of space to tuck those wires out of sight. Just above the shroud are a pair of mounted SSD trays with cable routing coutouts. Four steel HDD trays further assist storage chores.

For cooling, the H440 is the first case to come with NZXT’s next generation case fans, the FN V2. These come in the form of a 140mm rear exhaust fan and three 120mm front inake fans. There’s also room for two 140mm or three 120mm fans on top. In addition, the top and front panels are “Kraken” ready and will fit radiators up to 360mm in size.

The H440 is avialable to pre-order now for $119. To go along with the case, NZXT also announced a matching mechanical keyboard, the Shine 3. This is an “extremely limited edition” plank available in black/white and black/red color options (same as the H440) featuring Cherry MX Red switches and robust LED backlight options. It’s available now for $150.

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