Extra storage for the holidays

If you’re a lucky owner of a Windows Phone or have a giftee in mind who would love some extra storage space, it’s about to be one happy holiday! Microsoft is offering extra SkyDrive storage for free in an email announcement sent to all Windows Phone users. That’s 20 GB of free storage up for grabs (active for a year) so all told, 27 GB of storage simply or being a Windows Phone user!

Unfortunately (via TechSpot) it looks as thouh this offer was only sent out to Windows 8 phone adopters, so if you run to your mailbox and find it a little bare, your Windows 7 phone may be the reason. Still, most Windows Phone users have a little something to celebrate as the holidays roll around, even if it’s just a little more space to store their photos. 

One Reply to “Microsoft Gifting 20 GB of Free SkyDrive To Windows Phone Users”

  1. Strange how you did not mention creeantidls in your article, or even any replies.Windows explorer prompts you for a login password when you enter your SkyDrive creeantidls, it keeps prompting you.This doesn’t work in 2012 guys!Also, signing in to word and saving the document took around 45 seconds to save a one sentence document.This stuff is simply not industrial strength don’t expect to replace your on-premise NAS servers with SkyDrive any time soon! Garry@TriSys

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