NOT enjoyable. Ransomware. We, like other computer repair places, get more and more calls on ransomware types of computer viruses. Knock on wood, just one of our technicians that work with us has really run across this particular virus in the real world. All others happen to be the more standard FBI virus variety of malware which can be resolved fairly quickly.

Disk Encrypting Technology

Evil Clowns in Your Computer - Ransomware
Evil Clowns in Your Computer – Ransomware

Resolving the the cryptolocker virus one? Not so much. The cryptolocker virus’ long is that what it actually does is use encrypting technology to encode the software files on your own hard drive. The only way one can in fact get these files is to decrypt them with a particular “key”. While lots of people see this and legitimately USE this kind of technology to protect those files on their own hard drives, when a software, similar to this one, does it TO your files… The big issue is the files are only able to be be encrypted with a key (string – a LONG string of characters) those files and hence, you need to have the same key. You additionally can not do the UNencrypting since you have no hint what the key actually is since you were not the one that DID the encrypting.. Only the hackers do – and it is going to cost one to gamble on paying them to see IF they are going to truly decrypt those files.

As side note, since we get way too many customers that can’t seem to keep up with their email password, file or using disc encryption technology needs to be before really doing it even in conditions that are legitimate SERIOUSLY contemplated. E-Mail passwords can be reset. Encryption keys similar to this cannot be reset. If you encrypt your disc and then don’t have any clue what the key is – there is NO “reset” on that. Your files are eternally locked. In the end, which is the genuine purpose.

It appears that those files are really often decrypted by the ransomware folks and turn your computer back to you. Think about it, if paying the ransom had a 0% probability of getting your files back. That would not be good for company for them even if it’s a bad business to begin with.

There’s no fix for this virus

It is not something a computer repair business can mend. Period. Your options are restricted. IF you have not been negligent with copies, you can quite possibly restore or recover the files prior to being encryptolocked. Consider it – your file, when encrypted like this, is essentially set inside a puzzle alloy casing. How can you get through that casing, although it is still there to be sure? You can not really get to that file, if you don’t find the secret tool to get through that alloy shell. And the enigma alloy tool is going to cost you – and might or might NOT work properly. It’s not like you are able to phone your attorney and sue an unattributable hacker that is international with this kind of thing. You pay your 300-500 dollar ransom and expectation to discover the best. And THEN make certain that you have proper backups going on. Pricey lesson yes, but… If you don’t have copies somewhere? You are entirely hosed.

Preventing the virus – beat it before it begins!

Using common sense that is the biggest thing you can possibly do to beat this or ANY kind of virus. Living in a bubble and being completely unaware of how your computer normally acts is the worst thing you can do. Even the WORST drivers usually get a clue when a tire goes flat on their car, yet with computers, we see people running for days/weeks/months KNOWING that there is a virus on the computer. REALLY??? So sit up and take notice on a regular basis of how your computer acts – and then YOU act accordingly.Beyond that, a great antivirus software and understanding your computer. You will see chances before they get into your computer. They’ll occasionally hide themselves in e-mails enticing you to simply open a zip file that promises to have advice about a program that can not be delivered to you up. Hey hold it. DID you really order anything?? And would FedEx or UPS really HAVE all those misspellings in their e-mail? Good common sense is ALWAYS a must-have when it comes to your own computer. Some you may not be able to see so quickly – like web site drive by infection. Viruses can be embedded in web site code hence infect your computer and to lose a virus. With a great AV set up , hopefully these will be captured before they get a toehold. If your computer starts smacking up windows, or generally acting crazy – disconnect before any damage pronto from the network. Call a computer repair company. Restart the computer and don’t attempt to shutdown multiple times thinking this may help – it will not and will probably GIVE the virus an opportunity to get further and further into your computer.

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Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom’USA TODAYHackers operating on the Internet’s “Dark Web” are spreading a new, more sophisticated generation of the malicious software known as “ransomware,” anonymously shaking down anyone with an u …

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  1. Just finished the Cookbook, oiauttndsng piece of work, thank you to the authors. Unfortunately I’ve already forgotten chapter 1 so its back to the start!One small request, not being the best C programmer in the world any chance that a copy of the unlinker.exe program referred to on page 607 and used in the video 17-10 could be put on the downloads page. It would be very useful for practicing hidden Service detection etc?Thanks againNick

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