Independent platformer looks awesomely retro

We don’t normally take much time to gush about too many games here at Maximum PC, but there’s one that just may enhance that sense of holiday cheer that’s brewing inside you — especially for fans of the retro 16-bit aesthetic. It’s called Fa’el: Beyond the Gate, and it’s am ambitious PC release from independent developer Miguel Angel Perez Martinez. It also happens to be one of the coolest things you’ll probably see today.

Fa’el: Beyond the Gate (via PC Gamer) is an action/adventure platformer set inside a 2.75D world — not 2D or 3D, but 2.75D. Sound confusing? Check out the trailer, which showcases a masterful blend of the 16-bit sprites from yesteryear and plentiful planes on which to explore with them. The world turns as you turn, twisting around with each new doorway and passage discovered. It’s difficult to describe without showing what we mean, so give the video a watch.

Interesting enough as an aside, the game is being developed alongside a companion app for the Game Boy! It won’t be required, but anyone looking to pick up a rom to be used with an emulator will be treated to codes that can be used to unlock special content.

It’s mindbendingly gorgeous, and while it’s not out just yet, you can check out its Steam concept page and official site for some more details until it hits Steam Greenlight. Anyone interested in trying it out at some point?

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