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  1. A disguised Drake asks people what they think about Drake… #IWitnessNews

  2. Honestly Drake has been non stop killing it! With those 4 tracks he dropped
    before Nothing Was The Same, then the album, Trophies, We Made It, Draft
    Day, Days in the Easy, along with all the appearances he’s been doing on
    Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel etc, he’s been all over! Good to see because
    after Thank Me Later and Take Care I swear we had to wait forever to hear
    from him again. I loved Draft Day, I had to remix it on my channel. I am
    always looking to improve so I would appreciate anyone who checks it out
    and let’s me know what I need to do! Thank you!

  3. he cant sing!! its affirmative action.!! what do you call black moms having
    a abortion? crime stoppers. he is half jewish only the music industry is
    owned by jews,

  4. for a guy that disrespects women constantly in his songs, he sure seems
    pretty feminine when he isn’t playing his “rapper” role…

  5. Jimmy Kimmel is definitely one of the funniest guys out there. Shoutout to
    one of my favourite rappers Drake for doing a great job also. Enjoy!

  6. OK LISTEN you always here “Drake is soft drake is gay and he talks white”
    he never claimed to be a gangster rapper and drakes mom is white and drake
    didnt grow up in the hood and drake was never in a gang so what do you
    expect, he’s a suburban kid who is one of the most influential rappers so
    sit down and hush

  7. Translation for the guy with the guitar: “Drake k yaaa think yuhhh suckk”

  8. Am i the only one who notice the guy at the end was still wearing the same
    shit from the interview

  9. Aww Drakes sucha cutie!!! From all the rapers i only like him..his
    personality wins everyone☺️

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