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  1. Binder clips are great for clipping a pair of gloves together and you can
    use the clip to hang them on a coat rack, or several pair on a coat hanger
    or a pair under the coat on a coat hanger, to clip them to the coat collar
    etc. so they stay together. Also a good way to hang seperate gloves so they
    will dry better.

  2. here’s one.
    Take a binder clip and a straw and clip it to the edge of your drink and
    use the metal loops to keep it in place´╗┐

  3. Take a medium size clip and a large clip then take one clasp out and
    replace it with one from the larger clamp and then use it as a gun. The big
    clasp should be facing away from you and then put something in the hole of
    the of the small one and push down on the small one and if you did it right
    the thing you placed on the small clip should have been launched´╗┐

  4. Fun with cats !…..take 4 pc of scotch tape, and place them on kitties
    feet 1 for each paw…..sit bk & record the FUN !´╗┐

  5. @Ed Smith 4 parsecs of Scotch Tape? WTF, will you use this tape to reach
    the stars? Oh, I mistook it for parsecs. It’s actually 4 pieces of Scotch

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