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  1. i keep getting taken to the ground and cant get out from under my opponent
    what should i do i keep getting in fights that this kid starts and i get
    mad because hes a bully

  2. What do you do if he has a longer reach and how do you get in and land a
    good punch if you and your are just playin?

  3. This is crap. Unless you have a lot of training this will get you hurt. And
    groin shots never work. Kick the knee instead

  4. Very comical, reminded me of the old Kong-Fu movies with the sound effects.
    Loved it. Very informative and to the point.

  5. I was trained in Muay Thai since I was about 7 years old, Now I’m 14,
    almost 15, and I still train.
    There was this guy in school, who’s just a little bit older than I, that
    was in the hall and I passed by. I looked at him, he looked at me and he
    pushed me. I asked him normally why he did that, and he just comes really
    close and says what are you gonna do? I pushed him away and said he
    shouldn’t touch me. He ran at me without bagpack or jacket, while I always
    have a really heavy backpack with me because I fucked up a little at school
    and need to study after school. So I was completely surprised when he
    grapped my neck and pushed me against the wall, while everyone was looking.
    I took him by the neck, and he jumped at me, him being just as tall but a
    little bit fat. He fell on me, but I grapped his neck. It was a weird
    position because he + my bagpack probably wheigh 80 kilograms was sitting
    on me, while I needed alot of strength to hold his neck. He couldn’t do
    much neither, and he became really angry and said I’d better let go. So I
    thougth, better let go otherwise I’d have to really fight him. So I let go
    of him, and we stood up. He was yelling at me but before anything happened
    a 17- 18 year old girl came in between us and said he should back off. He
    did and the girl asked me what happened. I told her and she said I should
    ignore him and be wise or something.
    Now that guy told everyone at school he beat me up, which was totally not
    true. His friend called a guy in my class and he gave me the phone. He said
    that the guy who gave me the phone said that I want to fight him in person.
    That wasn’t true, I was bragging a little about how I would beat him up if
    he would do anything again, but I didn’t want to fight to the death with
    him or something. But I said ok and he told me to come to this building a
    block away from school. I put together a little squad of friends to back me
    up if needed, and we went.
    Suddenly like 20 people were running yelling that there would be a fight
    and everyone was ready to film it. 2 guys in my squad said they shouldn’t
    be filming, but they did. I was not ready to fight him, not in this
    condition. He came at me pushing me telling me he wants to fight, but I
    said no I’m not gonna fight go away. My friends said come just walk away,
    if school sees that video you’ll get suspended, that’s what happened to one
    of my friends. I said ok let’s go and we walked away. The guy yells pussy,
    homo that kinda shit and I became really angry and humiliated. It wasn’t
    just the people that would film, or getting suspended, but I was like
    shaking and stuff. I was like really defensive and gay. I just couldn’t
    punch him in the face…
    My idea is to stay away from him, cause most people say it’s best to stay
    away from a fight, but what if he comes to me?
    I know I could whip his ass, but I don’t know if I have the balls to do it.
    This might seem really weird, but I was like frozen, scared of hitting him.
    I’ve been hit way harder he could ever hit me and I never really had to cry
    because I can handle pain really good. I sparr with adults and they have
    trouble keeping up with me, so I now I’d win. But how, when he comes to me,
    do I turn off that switch and just fight? Please help, I’m not scared of
    him hurting me, just my reputation.

  6. Those moves & manoeuvres are some of the best ive HAD TO use myself. Even
    to stop myself being stabbed!!!

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