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  1. YES! A major ‘rebrand’ of career services is required. The industry also
    needs new forward thinkers who understand generation X/Y, the changing
    landscape of employment and 21st Century employability skills required to
    develop a ‘career’.

  2. Great change of perspective, and great insight into the perspective itself
    (of “career services” and the consequences, good and bad, of that label).
    Standout statements for me include: 1) “Let’s start with *who are you* and
    *why are you* and what really matters to you” 2) The need to move awayfrom
    the perspective that “getting a job” is a simple, transactional action that
    can be handled entirely in (less than) a single advising session in a final

  3. Here’s Andy Chan on how career services must be completely re-invented in
    order to save millennials from themselves.

    “Career Services” Must Die: Andy Chan at TEDxLawrenceU

  4. Andy has taken very simple concepts and has skillfully addressed major
    issues not only impacting career services but college campuses throughout
    the nation. As a graduate of the social sciences, I am impressed (and
    encouraged) with the suggestions for liberal arts. Bravo!

  5. As a former Director of Human Resources and a corporate career coach for 2
    decades, I agree with Andy’s strategic rebranding of the career development
    process at colleges. I am shocked that colleges don’t put far more
    resources into expanding the reach of career dvelopment service to build a
    network of support! The fundraising dollars would soar if these were
    staffed with people with HR, recruiters and managers instead of people with
    majors in counseling or higher ed. Hurray Wake Forest!

  6. Excellent idea. Campuses should have career development departments to
    assist students as they take their first steps into the career world. I
    have served as a corporate recruiter consultant for large corporations for
    20 years and find this idea of focusing on develpment vs services to be

  7. It’s a problematic argument. Why? Because it begs the same question: what
    ought a university be? He doesn’t want to kill career services but make CS
    the main justification for a university’s existence (i.e., the main reason
    why student do decide to earn degrees). This isn’t a new perspective but
    rather just another repackaging of an already too familiar argument about
    (and criticism of) higher education. I’m certainly game for a fresh
    discussion and perspective. Sadly, this just isn’t one.

  8. As I am on track to graduate from college in less than 38 days, this is
    music to my ears. Let’s not forget that students need to be held
    accountable for taking control of their professional careers and seize the
    pressure to procrastinate on this issue. Nonetheless, universities need a
    major reality check. An overall critique on higher education, universities
    need a better understanding of the environment they should provide to
    INSPIRE and PREPARE students for the life outside of college. Regarding
    career services, re-brand and re-adjust! I know too many college graduates
    who believe that their CS center have just provided them with tips on the
    perfect font and awesome resume paper. This talk is a step in the right

  9. Andy, I hope that you read this. I work for a company that is driven on
    the vast majority of things you spoke on in this video. I’ve been speaking
    with Grace Kutney for the last month, but I only just discovered this video
    by accident. We have meetings regularly discussing many of the
    philosophies and approaches you suggest here and I would love to speak with
    you guys more and see where we might be able to work together. Grace knows
    how to contact me if you would like to talk.

  10. My apologies, Andy. I did not notice that you were from Wake Forest
    instead of Lawrence. I’ve been speaking with Grace at Lawrence about what
    we do.

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