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  1. by the way, this reminds me a little of Queer As Folk… you know, the
    season when Justin started rebelling against straight people with Mr.

  2. Getting bashed would make anyone paranoid. But films like this just fuel
    hatred, and for what? Most straight people I know (even the ones who aren’t
    pro-gay) don’t want to go around breaking the law and bashing gays. The
    ones who do are just looking for an excuse. It’s got nothing to do with
    orientation, they’re just messed up. And since when is violence the answer?
    Who funded this movie, the NRA?

  3. If it is the one from the ending credits it is titled “Wonderland” written
    by Allan Louis and William V.Malpede vocals by Allan “MzA” Louis i tried to
    find it but good luck with finding the right song titled “Wonderland”.
    there are hundreds … =( let me know if you find the right one 🙂

  4. @Mercurium02 You know nothing about me. I happen to be a pansexual person,
    who is extremely active in the GLBTTQ community in my city. I received an
    award 4 years ago for the amount of work I did as an activist for gay
    rights. Maybe you could try NOT assuming that because I don’t agree with a
    statement, that I must be among the group the statement is directed
    towards. I know MANY straight people who are fully accepting of all sexual
    orientations/identities; they aren’t all homophobes.

  5. @Mercurium02 Because I have been physically assaulted because of being in a
    relationship with a woman. I don’t think ALL straight people are
    homophobic, and my original comment was just pointing out that there are
    many people who are completely accepting of differing sexualitiies. So I
    personally find it to be extremely stereotypical to just assume that
    because someone is straight that they have some sort of problem with gay

  6. @Mercurium02 I really hope you can stop being so presumptuous and just
    accept that I may know what I am saying, instead of thinking I’m lying
    about my sexuality. You don’t know me, I think it’s tacky and rude to make
    a comment about my sexuality when you have no idea who I am.

  7. @waterychan Isn’t that obvious? That’s just his experience with straight
    guys. Only because he’s gay doesn’t mean he gives a shit about political
    correctness;) I mean, during the war millions of people talked about
    killing the Germans. But if someone made a movie about the war where people
    say “Germans are bad” it wouldn’t necessarily mean that’s what he wants to
    tell us, would it? Uhhhmmm, sorry, I gotta sleep before I start talking
    more complicated stuff…

  8. That annoys me that the drag queen is so hetero-phobic. I’m a gay teenager
    and all my best friends are straight men.

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