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  1. I still prefer the Zowie AM. Works best for me, love optical sensors. I
    personally think high DPI is impractical when it comes to most FPS’s.

  2. Going strong with my Deathadder 3.5G, love it. Tried many but this just
    fits perfectly compared to the many Steelseries mice, the sides could be
    better but they’ve improved that on the 2013 edition. So I’d probably
    suggest the Razer 2013 because I have had alot of positive thoughts about
    the old 3.5G verision.

  3. Well, they’ve had 10k+ DPI for a while now, so it wouldn’t surprise me.
    It’s also double the Razer’s 8200.

  4. im looking for a good gaming mouse to replace my $20 bargin bin mouse mouse
    I play alot of shooters and fly alot and I want to try to stay at the $60
    range any suggestions would be helpful

  5. what about R.A.T?
    anyhow, looking for a gaming mouse with red or rgb lightning and i came up
    to the conclusion of the Roccat XTD and the logitech G700S
    I prefer easy dpi switch, and it would be nice with wireless/wired but its
    not anything i need to have it would just be a nice bonus,
    So, Logitech one vs Roccat one? ( no razer, i whant the real quality stuff)

  6. Steel series sensei for the win! Logitech also make pretty reliable mice,
    but I wouldn’t recommend the one shown here. With Razer, I feel like you
    pay more for the brand than the product. I haven’t had a corsair mouse, but
    the m65 looks pretty cool, with one main big button which is great for fps
    games. But If your looking for a cheap gaming mouse less than £20, one of
    my firsts was the Mazer e-blue mouse off of amazon. It comes from Japan,
    has two side buttons(doesn’t come with a program for them though), cool
    looking blue lights and a pretty good grip

  7. id rather take the one with less buttons cause whenever I play xbox or PC I
    always squeeze the controller *COUGH COUGH* Nerd Rage :3 so I don’t wat to
    accidentally press buttons

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