Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

3 Year, 920-004967, USB 2.0 Port, Internet Connection for Optional Software Download, Operating Systems:Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Audio Port, Cable, Computer, Fingerprint Resistant

G510s Gaming Keyboard: Integrated Backlighting,Keyboard,LCD Display,Logitech,Palm Rest,RoHS,USB 2.0,WEEE-Yes, http://www.logitech.com

25 Replies to “Logitech G510s”

  1. I’m surprised companies are still making gaming membrane keyboards. I don’t
    know of any gamer that uses rubber domes.

  2. Back when I played wow all those hot keys would have been nice VS. the
    finger gymnastics set up I had and using the numpad always felt awkward
    because it wasn’t my dominate hand.

  3. Uh you can’t even get a Mechanical keyboard with these many features at
    100$++ plz consider the difference…. If it’s under 130$ or 150$
    mechanical keyboards usually they don’t have independent macros / lighting
    / even numpads specially not LCD screen… G510 is always been a great
    keyboard. It’s nice to see Logitech refreshed it instead if discontinuing
    it. If this were to be Mechanical , I say it will easily be over 180$ which
    is overpriced , and not all people uses mechanical

  4. yea, i had/ have (still own it, dont use it) a mechanical keyboard, and i
    really cant find anything special about it….like at all. to me i just
    find it to be a less fancy and louder membrane keyboard….

  5. I don’t know about you guys , but usually the official Logitech price here
    are quite high for their products. But I always can buy them least 20 – 30%
    cheaper from the store I always goes to =) I think I will wait a few more
    years before buying this since my old G510 is still running pretty well.
    Might able to get it for only 90$ later (10$ – 20$ is a huge different here
    in my currency , just X3.0 – 3.25)

  6. I got mine for 79 $ and the anwser to fingerprint is keep your hands clean!
    Great keyboard helps with fraps and WOW

  7. Love your channel! Dmitrey is the god of camera angels 🙂 what
    keyboard,mouse and headset would you guys recommend to get?

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