Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

1 Year Limited1.43 lb25 x Programmable Button920-000946You can dig in, take command, and stay informed with game-changing comfort and control. Or an LCD gameboard that gives you game-changing comfort and control-wherever you go.G13 Advanced GameboardQuick-start guideSoftware CDNaturally contoured design: Follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessionsLarge, concave buttons: Let you locate buttons by touch on the home rowSolid, stable design: Helps assure that your gameboard will keep up when your game gets intense Strategically placed feetQuick macros: Assign complex actions to single keystrokes on the flyProgrammable mini-joystick: Maneuver quickly and easily The control you need is under your thumbBacklit keys: Let you easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play Plus, you can customize the keys with any backlight color that you wantGo mobile:Onboard memory: Saves your profiles so you can take your personal preferences with youPortable design: Keeps the game going wherever you goStay informed:High-visibility GamePanel LCD: Gather tactical information, including live stats, system info, and communications from fellow playersPublic software development kit (SDK)Windows XP or Windows VistaMac OS® X 10.4 or later256 MB RAM20 MB of available hard disk spaceCD-ROMUSB portAnalog ControlCableG13G13 Advanced GameboardGaming PadLogitechMacPCRoHSYeshttp://www.logitech.com

25 Replies to “Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard”

  1. You should have showed it at different angles or at least moved it around
    more. For awhile I thought I was just staring at a picture…

  2. Nice review thanks. Coming from years of console gaming I haven’t found a
    keyboard that didn’t cause strains and pains. I’m hopeful the g13 will
    change that.

  3. It’s about $60-$70 these days. The thumb hat/joystick is what usually wears
    out on my gamepads. It happend to my N50, N52, Saitek Cyborg and,
    apparently to the G13. I’ll probably get the G13 anyway since it seems to
    be the best of that group even if the joystick does wear or get sticky.
    Taking it apart and trying to clean it out or fix it rarely works long-term
    anyway. Maybe I should stop using the thumb button for WASD lol. Great
    review BTW, it’s appreciated.

  4. I wonder if this device is able to memorize the sequence. for example by
    pressing a single button it will execute a sequence “press the action
    button, wait a few seconds, press the action button again.”

  5. @Gli2duS yes the G13 can do what your asking. The software that comes with
    the G13 allows you to macro keyboard keys and insert delays and all that.
    Overall the macro / scripting functions of the G!3 are fairly easy to use
    and quite powerful.

  6. @WolfManz611 thank you so much buddy, the joystick is actually the only
    reason why i’m buying it lol. I’m using it for games like dragon age 2,
    world of warcraft and the upcoming MMO Guild wars 2, but they won’t let me
    use my xbox controller, so i’m forced to get used to WASD which slow me
    down so bad because I have to look at the keyboard to see if i’m pressing
    the right key. And believe me, that destroys all the fun :(. I guess this
    will be the answer to my problem. Thank you soooo much =)

  7. @33hbj Ya it should still be good for people with smaller hands. The best
    thing you can do though is find one in a store and see how it feels before
    you spend the money on it. If its too big then you may want to look at the
    game boards that belkin makes like the N50 or N52 these are smaller devices
    and what I used before I got the G13.

  8. Great review! After watching sevaral others, this is the only one that
    explained that I could use the thumb stick to move my character. I never
    learned to use a keyboard, for the past several years I have been using the
    MS Strategic commander. Windows 7 does not support it so it’s time to move
    on. Thanks again for the info

  9. If those games you mentioned accept keyboard input then yes, the G13 will
    work with them you just have to program the G13 to do what it is you want
    it to in the game. The G13 is essentially a fully programmable keyboard and
    will work with any game that can use keyboard input.

  10. BF3 already has a built-in profile available, so they will be bound to
    Reload, Weapon 1 Weapon 2, etc., instead of “R, 1, 2, 3.” It’s pretty

  11. it’s nice, but i have no use for it, all the macro keys on the G19 is more
    than enough, but it does look cool though

  12. Yes you can use it for WSAD or use the joystick that’s up to you. The G13
    is highly configurable so you shouldn’t have a any issues with setting it
    up the way you want to and there are a lot of buttons that you can program
    to be your jump button. For me i use the joystick on it all the time to
    handle character movement in FPS and do to that i simply cant use a
    keyboard for FPS do to the lack of a joystick. I think the G13 is worth
    getting if you are into FPS.

  13. Do you have another computer you could try the G13 on and see if it does
    the same thing on a different computer? If you don’t have another computer
    to try it on then you may want to try and take the G13 back to the store
    and see about an exchange for another one and see if that gives you issues.
    If you get a second G13 and it two causes the shutdown then you can be sure
    its not the G13 that’s at fault but there may be a conflict with some
    hardware / software on your computer.

  14. is the recession on wasd bothersome for people who aren’t going to be
    playing fps? i’m mainly looking at this for mmorpg’s, just so I can
    strafe/move with the joystick and bind spells to the keys.

  15. you mean the rounded holes on the kays? well no i find it help full to get
    my hand in the right place. in strategy games i always use the analog stick
    for map movement and keys for spells/commands/macros. altho some skill is
    needed to get use to the tumb stick at first.and the tumb stick almost
    newer works on analog only digital “In games”.

  16. I come to the realization that PC is dominate in FPS. I just needed
    something with a analog and i think i have found my solutions. Years of a
    controller i can’t live with that wsad gives me bad carpel tunnel in the

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