I’ve always been a fan of Logitech stuff. Sure you get the cheesy little keyboard and mouse when you get a new computer. That is perfect for the average user – but when you’re gaming? You’re going to be putting a WHOLE lot of stress on those peripherals. You’ll (if you’re anything like me) banging on these things HARD. I’m surprised my Logitechs last as long as they do and have over the years. With the awesome Logitech gaming software, using a a keyboard or mouse from them can be the difference between dying in a hurry and saving those milliseconds that will let YOU get off that first shot. Stacking up your keystroke actions and enabling 1 touch complex actions? Definitely an advantage.

Find out more about some of these killer gaming keyboards below!

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G19s

Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

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  2. I’m a Razer user and I own around… 13+ peripherals, the G series is good,
    but they feel a bit… meh in my hands. Razer gear is expensive, but so are
    Aston Martins. They offer good and well made shit, and you pay for good
    well made shit.

  3. Does it have the same windows detection on startup problem that ALL the
    Razer keyboards and some of the mice have? Razer calls it a motherboard
    issue but it’s most definitely a defect in the Razer hardware.

  4. i still am baffled that keyboards don’t have volume up/down buttons. The
    first thing i look for in a keyboard is vol, play/pause, fast
    foward/rewind. If as keyboard does not have that, i don’t buy it. i use
    media keys just as much as i use the rest of the keyboard.

  5. Hey, i got a question.. is a Imac Computer worth getting for everyday use?
    i don’t do the high stuff i just want a good computer.. Like facebook.
    Twitter, Youtube, Stuff like that? 

  6. The best gaming keyboard. It doesn’t even have mechanical switches. C’mon,
    you’re supposed to be into tech. 

  7. just a question ..

    do you just have so much money that you can afford all these things you
    revieuw ..
    or do you get the stuff for free just so you can revieuw them …

    if the last is the case . how did you get to such an arrangement ..
    or better said . if i want to do the same how would i go about getting such
    an arrangement

  8. This doesn’t have mechanical keys, so fails as a gaming keyboard and is
    nothing like an “ultimate”!

  9. i was going to get this keyboard instead of the blackwidow 2014 but only
    reason i didnt is becuase i had the original deathstalker and the keys are
    too close the the base. just way too short for me i like longer presses.

  10. This keyboard obviously looks elegant and amazing, but I personally prefer
    the Razer DeathStalker Essential, ’cause I don’t think I really need that
    little screen, I’m okay without it. Very well made and organized review!

  11. What’s the point of watching youtube on your keyboard, when you are already
    plugged in to your PC. LoL

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