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  1. Hi guys I ordered my scuf, I live way far from USA its like 13 hours away
    with plane, I payed for RUSH MY SCUF 25$ extra, I ordered 2 days ago will I
    receive it soon or not please anyone reply

  2. How do u make your wire not break I got a normal wired one and took really
    good care of it and it lasted about a month and know it won’t tern on so I
    had to get a new one, and I will never buy a wired again even tho they save
    me money on batteries.

  3. it took mine 12 days or so maybe 13 but that was during christmas where
    they were rushing to get them out to us before christmas day it should take
    around 14 days cause they have to handcraft them which is 7 days or so and
    ship it 5-7 days

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