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  1. Hey Eli. Can you email me. I need to speak to you about my computer shop.
    Also I have a couple questions to as you. If you email me I will send you
    my number so we can speak.

  2. I disagree about the no video but the PC is on, I’m 15 and been building
    them since I was four, and most of the time it’s a dead CMOS battery…
    every PC I’ve fixed with that error, it WAS the CMOS battery, you can pick
    them up at your local dollar store! xD

  3. Nice video,I’ve learned new things.
    Thank you and have a nice day ^^
    Good luck and keep making videos.

  4. i fuckig graduate of associate of science but cant find stupid job, dam
    computer desktop or laptop are easy to fix but dam cat find stupid jobs

  5. Sure, a 13 year old can replace ram or maybe reapply thermal paste, but you
    need years of experience to pinpoint issues inside your PC. You can spray
    and pray and start removing and reinserting random crap if that’s your
    thing…but it takes knowledge to figure out where the problem really lies.

  6. Hey, my friend’s brother screwed up my friends PC by downloading porn. So
    now pop ups are everywhere and the computer lags like hell. I want to help
    him stop it but his brother is too ashamed to tell his mom. So how do you
    fix a computer? I am thinking that uninstalling the programs and clearing
    the “startup” folder will but I want to check with you guys.

  7. I’m studying for my A+ exam. Thank you for this concise, informative and
    entertaining class. You pretty much summed up my entire semester in just
    under an hour. Please keep posting material of similar subjects. :)

  8. you dont need to buy a new motherboard just take out any of the jumpers
    boot it, turn it off and put the jumper back in simple and cheap xD

  9. “In other countries, such as Europe…”
    Hmm according to that logic, are the Netherlands a state of Europe? xD

  10. Thank you so much Eli for all your videos. They were very helpful a couple
    years ago when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to major in. I’m
    half way through school and i’m about to start a new job making 52,800 a
    year doing computer repair for a DoD contractor. I got my A+, S+ and
    working on my CCNT, and CWNA.

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