So what ARE the stats for Canada?

According to 2015 statistics (latest complete available – just checked), Canada had combined immigrant totals (perm and temp) of 320K1,2.  On a population of 36 million3. We’ll be gracious and call that .9% immigrant population for the Great White North.  I see no statistics for illegals – huh, imagine that.  Small amounts of digging indicate that Canadian policies are very tough on illegal undocumented workers. Illegals usually cannot sustain. Policies make it difficult to work illegally in Canada – unlike here in the US where it’s a “wink and a nod” operation with that you are surely in need of an attorney to guide you.

American Stats

Meanwhile, the US sported a 321.4 million population in 2015. In that same year, the immigrant population in the US (legal and illegal estimated) was approximately 43.3 million. Our IMMIGRANT population numbered more than the entire population OF Canada. Our current ILLEGAL immigrants number around 11.4 million – about one-third the number of Canadian citizen in total – just to put things in perspective.3,4

And WHY is Canada justified in handing out advice?

JT - Shut up. Just shut up.
JT – Shut up. Just shut up.

And enter the newest poster boy for liberalism – Justin Trudeau.  Just because you’ve got your own little sandbox there, JT, not thinking you are qualified to be giving any advice to the big boys – or certainly trying to shame them for trying to take care of their OWN citizens and needs first. When Canada starts sporting a 10% immigrant population, then you might be able to speak more realistically on handling those kinds of issues.  Particularly when you too have a spare million illegals drawing on your medical system which gets pretty mixed reviews already5 without that additional burden.

But let’s just say Canada DOES get overrun by illegals ready to enjoy the largess  of Canada.  How exactly would THAT go?

I would seriously have to question how hopped up on taking in a bunch more refugees/immigrants Trudeau would be if his immigrant population was more in the range of 3.5 million with about a million of those being illegals – in other words, more than 10X what it is today. From the sources above, I did NOT see an acknowledged number for illegal immigrants to Canada – which means Trudeau doesn’t even KNOW what he doesn’t know. So you then have a bunch of illegals who don’t seem particularly interested in being a part OF the culture – instead preferring to just continue their own customs, identities, habits and traditions.  Drop that uncommitted illegal population into a host nation  requiring additional public resources, not paying taxes, trying to visit medical facilities for often “free” treatment, increasing the need for other required services – police, fire, rescue, and more…

And baby makes three. And, well, maybe four. Maybe five.

And let’s not forget those children that will assuredly come. In numbers. Even worse for Canada – and that which I doubt has even been factored into any of those wildly liberal wet dreams – those illegals would then be finding OTHER ways to suck directly off the Canadian teat. One of those ways would be requiring ongoing support for Canadian born children of illegals – just like in the US.  Now you have women needing ob/gyn care, maternity care – and children. Ohhhh, the children. Medical treatments required. Wellness programs. More food – food programs to feed those that can’t feed themselves. Giving way to education needs. Now you have schools being required. Surely we can’t let these poor little semi-illegals go without an education or that would just be horrible. Granted, it would NOT be good to just ignore them, but foisting these costs on an unsuspecting and unprepared nation – particularly a nation that has NOT agreed to take them on AS a responsibility directly – is flat out unfair to the existing population.

Can an advanced nation absorb a few? SURE. But it’s not just a few and only keeps on getting worse. The state is forced into providing more and more for those that can’t provide for their own. Those illegals, in particular,  surely didn’t show up here because they were independently wealthy.  Medical care for the little ones – again this will end up being absorbed by an unprepared health system resulting in higher costs for actual paying customers.  The long and short of it is that because when countries can or will NOT say “NO”, the state ends up with many of the SAME COSTS that are incurred by and for natural citizens ANYWAY.  And sadly, no real way to balance that equation.


When the business goes under, who’s going to be blamed?

Being properly prepared to handle the resources required by new entries into any country or host nation should not be looked at as a crime or some scarlet letter. It should be regarded as good planning – and a RESPONSIBILITY to the national welfare.

Taking a business and running it into the ground by overspending or otherwise poorly managing resources is UNIVERSALLY understood as failure – and looked at with derision, and even condemnation. Yet many of those people that would wail, scream and gnash their teeth over losing THEIR job due to mismanagement/management incompetence are exactly those wailing, screaming and gnashing their teeth over more restrictive immigration policies and deportations.  They fail to understand unfettered immigration policies can and WILL lead us to EXACTLY the same failures as any other operation – just on a national level.


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